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What Should I Expect From A Professional Yoga Training Course?


The most obvious reason to opt for a yoga training course in is that we want to become a yoga teacher because we have been practicing for some time and we believe that teaching is a medium with which we can share this beautiful knowledge with others. We are convinced that being immersed in yoga can enrich our lives or we plan to open a full-fledged yoga center soon. On the other hand, there are those who already teach and just need the degree to work in a specific place, or they want to have a more structured process for teaching yoga or they are interested in complementing what they have learned by other means of training.


There are many practical reasons to decide to take a course for becoming a yoga teacher with all good and valid meanings. But the real reasons for doing this are impractical which include intangible, experiential and spiritual experiences. The main thing is that you just never learn about yoga. Here are some of an infinite number of possible reasons for daring to make a teacher training course in yoga and I am sure everyone could add many more as per their circumstances and preferences.



The courses make us yoga experts rather than teachers for yoga students. If we feel a light in that direction, it is because we are ready to follow. Such programs are much more than a course of study of a technique. They provide consistency in our practices, a deeper understanding of discipline, strong commitment to the precepts of yoga, empowerment in our own life, self-awareness and guidance on how to keep learning on and on forever. To convey the essence of yoga, the most important thing is that we become aware of our process and we know ourselves and what we have healed to heal to be free.

What should I expect from a professional yoga training course?


In yoga teacher training courses, there is a program more or less general that includes a rigorous practice of all the asana and pranayama exercises in progressive difficulty. They also include regular meditations, which are the basis of the practice of yoga, teaching techniques for different needs, and study sessions to understand anatomy, yoga philosophy and yogic science. The classic yoga may include other forms of yoga as selfless work, mantras or chants. The contemporary includes all kinds of additives that can range from yoga business to other traditions of thought.


• You can possibly expect to be challenged as ever.
• You can expect yourself to need a lot of perseverance and commitment.
• You can expect to study and strive in every way and question yourself.
• You can expect to meet with the beauty of present and the wisdom of silence.


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